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My name is Chachi Krinn, I am a teacher with 11 years of experience.  My husband Todd and my three girls are very excited to start this journey with me. 

It all started when my girls and I where looking for a studio close to home.  I realized we had to drive miles to get to Paint Your Own Pottery Studio and fell in love with the concept.


My girls and I love everything about art;  we are always finding new ways to express ourselves through art.


As a family, we are always looking for something original to do. I want to offer that same experience to other families.    Party Time Pottery is a place where kids and adults can create their own projects. 


There's no studio fee, and prices include paint, supplies. Open by appt. only!!!

 For more information contact 
Chachi Krinn 817-797-9224 (Arlington)
Charley Gonzalez 817-471-8572 (Austin)
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Have you ever been in a Paint Your Own Pottery Studio before?
It is so much fun for the whole family.  It’s a place that’ll keep you busy for hours.


  • There are shelves and shelves of pre-made ceramic items for you to choose from.
  • You pick the item you want to decorate; maybe it is a cake plate, a piggy bank, a keepsake, etc.
  • You choose your colors and I will supply you with all the needed materials (paint brushes sponges, etc).
  • You can decorate and take home or
  • You leave your piece behind, I will run it through the kiln, at which point the colors are sealed and the piece transforms into a glossy ceramic art piece that you can use at home, keep and cherish, or give as a gift.
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